Privacy Policy

Lockne values your privacy. All photos you take with the app are yours and never viewable by us. Lockne does not have any way to know who you are and would not want that info. If you have enabled Apple’s opt-in service for crash reporting. Then Lockne will get some anonymized data of your iOS version and the date the crash occurred. But this can not be tracked back to you and we would not want to know. 

Lockne asks for your permission to use your camera and to save photos from your camera roll. Photos you take with the app are always yours and never viewable by us. All data is stored locally on device and is never accessed by us.  Lockne does not contain any third party frameworks or library’s so your data is never going anywhere its all on your device. In the very unlikely scenario this changes the app will have a very visible and clear policy change as soon as that update is released. 

If you have any questions feel free to send an email with questions or concerns