Press Kit

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Lockne is the perfect app for anyone who loves to customize their lock screen and home screen wallpapers. iOS has long made it difficult to try and get the right photo for your wallpaper. Often times you take a great photo only to have the time and date mess everything up not to mention how much its zoomed in. Lockne solves all of this, you see in real time where the time, date, and UI elements are all before you hit the shutter button. Simply frame your shot take the photo and set it as your wallpaper no adjustments needed everything is where you framed it.

You have two different views in Lockne one for your lock screen and one for your home screen. With the home screen view you can see a fake home screen to help you see where all your apps would be. As for the lock screen you have the time, date, and if your on an iOS device with Face ID then you see a lock icon as well as the flash light and camera quick action buttons.

Launch Day

Lockne was released on Wednesday June 17th for $2.99 on the App Store.

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About the developer

Hello! My name is Jonathan Ruiz I am the iOS developer behind Lockne. Lockne has been an app I have wanted myself for quite some time. When on vacation I was trying to take a good photo to set as my lock screen wallpaper. After 3 or 4 tries I became frustrated each photo was either too close or far. I couldn’t predict where the time and date would show up much less how much iOS was going to zoom in.

I wanted to have a way where I can see exactly where everything will be in real time that way there was no guessing how things will turn out. After the inspiration hit me I set out to make Lockne to solve this problem I had been having. Im happy to say I have solved my problem and can update my wallpapers anytime I want with confidence I can always get it right in one try. Once I got it working I knew I wanted to share it so I put it out on the App Store so anyone can take the perfect wallpaper photo.


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