Changing my lock screen wallpaper is something I do all the time. I try to get a good photo but iOS always zooms in making it look off or cropped. There was never a way for me to see what would get cut off by the time and date or other UI elements. So I wanted to fix that… introducing Lockne!

Lockne is an iOS app that lets you take the perfect photo to set as your lock screen or home screen wallpaper. With Lockne you get a real time view of what a photo will look like on your lock screen or home screen. No more guessing where everything will end up or trying to pinch and zoom to save a nice photo.

Lockne has two views the first will show you what a photo will look like on your lock screen. The second is a view of what a photo will look like on your home screen with placeholder home screen icons so you can frame your picture before you take it. Once you take your photo head to the Photos app and set it as your wallpaper no adjustments needed and everything will be exactly where it was from when you hit the shutter button.

Using the front facing camera

You may have noticed before that when you take a photo with the front facing camera on your iPhone its a mirrored image. You might see an object on the left side of the frame in the view finder and see the photo you took with that object on the right. If it wouldn’t be mirroring by default moving your phone to adjust the frame feels a little strange in practice. Making Lockne I always wanted to give you a viewfinder of what your end photo will look like at all times. So I have added a mirroring button that is off by default but when enabled lets you see what your photo will actually look like in your camera roll.


If you want to be able to take the perfect photo for your iPhones wallpaper check out Lockne today. Available now for $2.99 on the App Store.